Afferent Loop Syndrome


Overview of gastric bypass surgery

Legal Issues in Physician Advertising

How to Buy Yelp Reviews [A Case Study]

How Rich Investors, Not Doctors, Profit From Marking Up ER Bills

Dr. Anton Bilchik Cited in Recent Publication

Acclaimed Doctor, Anton Bilchik MD, Honored by Human Rights Group

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What is efferent loop syndrome?

Providence Code of Conduct

ERCP using a short double-balloon enteroscope in patients with prior pancreatoduodenectomy:

ERCP using a short double-balloon enteroscope in patients with prior pancreatoduodenectomy:

Outcomes of ERCP in Billroth II gastrectomy patients

US grapples with solutions to preventable medical errors

Virtual Mentor American Medical Association Journal of Ethics

Is medical advertising always unethical, or does it just seem to be?

Understand the Legal Limits of Physician Advertising

Whipple Diagrams 

Legal Issues in Physician Advertising

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perfect candidate

Whipple Surgery


Dr. Yuman Fong

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failure to thrive

California Rehab Institute

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Double Balloon Endoscopy

Afferent Limb

Afferent Loop Syndrome


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Dr. Anton Bilchik  (PDF)

top 1% in the United States  (PDF)

Pancreatic Resection

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Afferent Limb


age had no factor

Afferent Loop Syndrome

Double Balloon Endoscopy Camera

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Top Doctor Status is nothing more than a sham

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Providence Health Center Systems

Sordid history of pumping up doctor reputations to maximize profits



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