Without Exception

every morning for the last two years, since my beloved dad passed away from what I have come to believe (based on the information provided on this site) was the deceptive practices and utter lack of expertise of Santa Monica Surgeon Doctor Anton Bilchik, I have awoken with the stabbing feeling of having a dagger in my heart. The impending feeling of doom is not just because of my dad’s demise and my  belief Doctor Anton Bilchik caused it, it’s even more piercing because I believe based on the facts on this site;

Doctor Anton Bilchik, for the last two years, since I have not spoken out, continues to deceive the public and put unsuspecting patients in grave danger!

I am Nadia. I am Speaking out now!

I am speaking out, not just for the cathartic healing I so desperately need, but to honor my dad by sharing HIS story, to warn others, and to make a difference.

This site shares my opinions and conclusions based on what I witnessed and based on evidence I lay out here.

Medical Mistakes are at epidemic levels in this country, share YOUR story with me. Let’s all help make a difference.

Thank you for visiting my site.  Welcome to the first steps of healing…