Overconfident Surgeon let my Dad Almost Bleed to Death

Name: Charles

Doctor: Phillip A. Yalowitz MD

Location: Beverly Hills, CA

Type of Mistake: Prostate Surgery Complication leading to internal bleeding

Did Doctor Admit Mistake? no

Result of Mistake: having to put stints in his kidneys, whole incident prolonged months after he should have been cured.

Dr. Yalowitz performed a simple prostate size reduction surgery on my dad who had an enlarged prostate. When Yalowitz came out of the OR I asked if there was any chance of complications (I heard about some from a friend) he said absolutely not so I felt relieved and took my dad home. About 10 days later my dad ends up in a local emergency rom in excrutiating pain. They did not know what was wrong so they admitten him. Middle of the night I get a call dad was in the ICU and getting blood transfusions since he was losing so much. I called Yalowitz but he said my dad would be fine and to just wait. I saw him getting worse and so I called a nurse friend s=who said Yalowitz probably accidentally snipped one of his internat tubes (sorry don't know terms) and that unless someone went back in there he might die. I called Yalowitz and threatened to sue his ARSE off if he didn't fix what he screwed up. Next thing I know an ambulance appears to wisk him of back to Cedars where Yalowitx performed another procedure to stop the bleeding. It was a shame they waited so long, he now had to stents put into both his kidneys from the transfusions. Ultimately my dad recovered but not before a very close call. Not only did this horrible surgeon probably screw up the surgery, his attitude post operation showed what a horrible human being he really is.